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Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Can I switch my homeowners or property policy before it renews?
  2. How much auto insurance coverage is adequate?
  3. Texas State Minimum Limits
  4. Who do I have to list as a Driver on my policy?
  5. Why would I need SR22 insurance?
  6. How is SR22 insurance different from standard auto insurance?
  7. How much coverage will I need with an SR22?
  8. SIs SR22 insurance more expensive than standard auto insurance?
  9. How can I get SR22 Insurance?
Can I switch my homeowners or property policy before it renews?
You can switch your insurance policy any time you like, regardless of whether you have already paid, or you are in the middle of your policy period. After all, you are the consumer and you can choose whatever price and policy works best for you.

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How much auto insurance coverage is adequate?

The amount of auto insurance coverage you need depends on a variety of factors. Some factors you should consider when you buy auto insurance coverage include:

Are you a risk taker? — If you don't like taking risks, your auto insurance coverage should reveal that with high limits and low deductibles.

Where do you live? — Do you live near an area prone to wildlifes, or are stolen vehicles a common occurrence where you live? If so, bump up those coverages.

Your new vehicle — Just bought a brand new vehicle? You may want to increase your auto insurance coverage to protect your new investment in the event you're involved in an accident.

Your assets — The more you have, the more protection.

Precious Cargo — Do you ever drive your friends or family around in your vehicle? If so, make sure you have enough coverage to protect them should an accident occur.

How did you pay for your car? — If you are financing or leasing your new car, consider adding gap insurance to help you cover the cost of the vehicle in the event of a total loss.

After an accident, the last thing you should worry about is how much it's going to cost you. Having adequate coverage will make the insurance claims process that much easier for you. Carrying higher limits will typically only cost you a few dollars more than lower limits. And if you have an accident, you'll be thanking yourself for spending a few extra dollars to get that additional auto insurance coverage.

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Texas State Minimum Limits
Texas state minimum limits are 30,000 / 60,000 / 25,000. That is 30,000 Per Person for Bodily Injury, 60,000 Per Accident (Total) for Bodily Injury, and 25,000 for Property Damage Coverage (The vehicle(s) you hit).

You are not required to protect yourself or your vehicle by the state of Texas but it is recommended.

If you are making payments on your vehicle, the lendor will more than likely require you to carry comprehensive and collision coverage to protect their investment. The most common deductible for this is $500.

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Who do I have to list as a Driver on my policy?
In Texas, you need to list every licensed driver in your household on the policy to guarentee that a claim will be covered. If you have a friend or another family member that does not live in you house, but has regular access to your vehicle, we recommend that you list them a driver on your policy.

If you fail to list a driver on your policy and they have regular access to you vehilces, there is a possiblitiy that your insurance company could deny the claim.

In Texas with permissive use anyone can drive your vehilce and be covered. But remember- Liability follows the driver, Property Damage follows the vehilce. This means that if your friend drives your vehicle and causes an accident THEIR liability would cover whoever they hit. YOUR vehicle would be fixed under YOUR policy.

Tip: Don't let anyone drive your vehicle if they don't have liability insurance of their own.

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Why would I need SR22 insurance?
You may fail to supply proof of standard liability insurance when it is requested (by a police officer, for instance). You may incur four qualifying moving violations over a 12-month period (or seven within a 24-month period). You may become involved in an auto accident in which you are uninsured. You may be convicted of driving while intoxicated.

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How is SR22 insurance different from standard auto insurance?
SR22 insurance is similar to standard auto insurance in many ways. But the main difference is that unlike regular auto insurance, the company that provides you with SR22 insurance is mandated by law to notify the Texas Department of Public Safety if your policy expires. In other words, with SR22 insurance, the state will be made aware of the fact that you are an uninsured driver.

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How much coverage will I need with an SR22?
The minimum amount of coverage you must obtain with SR22 insurance is the same as it is for drivers with standard auto insurance policies. In Texas, this works out to $30,000 for each person who is injured in an accident which is your fault, with a maximum of $60,000 per incident. Of course, you may buy more coverage with SR22 insurance if you want to do so.

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SIs SR22 insurance more expensive than standard auto insurance?
The fact that you are obtaining SR22 insurance in the first place (because you have done something to necessitate the suspension of your driver's license) means that you will be placed in a higher risk category -- and will therefore more likely have to pay more than you otherwise would to remain insured.

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How can I get SR22 Insurance?
Not all auto insurance companies offer SR22 insurance, we can help you find the right carrier. Those who do can notify the Texas DPS that you have obtained the necessary policy in order to get your driver's license back. If you'd rather do that yourself, you can ask for the appropriate form from your insurer and mail it to the Texas DPS's Safety Responsibility Division, P.O. Box 15999, Austin, TX, 78761.

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