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Problems in your business could harm clients, vendors and even strangers on the street. Those who sustain harm might blame the business for their losses, and they might even sue. That's why business insurance offers liability coverage. It will help you respond if your mistakes harm others.

Since 1999, Consolidated Insurance Markets has helped business owners throughout Texas find, buy and maintain customized, far-reaching liability policies. We're ready to be your solution for coverage, too.

General Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What does a general liability insurance policy cover?

You might think of general liability insurance as one of the bedrocks of business insurance.

  • If a business' mistakes harm others, coverage can pay the affected parties to minimize their losses from damage that they didn't expect. They can get on with their lives.
  • Likewise, the policyholder can use liability insurance to make remittances for their mistakes. Therefore, they won't have to worry about paying out-of-pocket for the damages they caused.

Sometimes, simply allowing someone to file against your liability policy can reduce the risks of lawsuits. Therefore, with coverage, you will have a way to settle the damage costs with less hassle. It will help many people not have to face the prospect of financial struggles after unfortunate accidents occur.

What are common general liability insurance coverage options?

Consolidated Insurance Markets' general liability policy options can offer several types of assistance:

  • Bodily Injury Coverage: If someone gets hurt as a result of the business' mistakes, this coverage will help pay for costs related to their injuries.
  • Property Damage Coverage: Should you damage someone else's property, this is the coverage that will pay for the repairs or replacement items.
  • Rented Property Legal Liability Coverage: Businesses that rent their premises might cause damage to the structure. Because this structure belongs to someone else, liability coverage is the protection that will help you pay for the damage. For example, if you cause a fire in your shop, then fire legal liability coverage might pay the landlord for the repairs.
  • Legal Liability Coverage: For help covering your business’ legal costs if lawsuits arise, this coverage can pay legal fees, settlements and related costs.
  • Accidental Medical Payments Coverage: Some third-party injuries on your premises are mere accidents. This coverage element can help the injured person get help regardless of fault.

How much does general liability insurance cost?

The costs of your policies will vary based on numerous factors, like the size of your business, income and present liability risks. Consolidated Insurance Markets agents know that no matter how much coverage you need, you want to keep it affordable. We'll ensure your chosen benefits remain affordable.

Who needs general liability insurance?

Any business that wants to protect itself from claims of negligence can benefit from liability policies. We can ensure your policy’s coverage will provide you with ample protection in a variety of scenarios.

Does general liability insurance cover auto accidents?

No, businesses that operate vehicles need commercial auto liability insurance to cover such losses.

Does general liability insurance cover workers compensation?

Workers compensation pays employees who get hurt on the job. Because this is an internal matter, it does not relate to general liability policies. You will need separate workers compensation policies from your general liability coverage.

Does general liability insurance cover errors and omissions?

An errors & omissions claim is a certain type of liability. It results from financial losses or other personal harm you might cause to others. General liability policies typically only relate to physical harm, so most of the time, they won't cover E&O losses. To get this coverage, you'll likely need a specific E&O policy.

Does general liability insurance cover wrongful termination?

Not usually. Allegations like wrongful termination, harassment or discrimination are typically insured under a liability policy called employment practices liability (EPLI) insurance.

Is general liability insurance required by law?

The law usually doesn't require businesses to carry general liability insurance. However, if you contract your services, your clients might require you to have coverage.

How do I get liability insurance for my small business?

To get the appropriate general liability insurance, you'll need your policy to address all your operating risks with appropriate limits. Let Consolidated Insurance Markets help you get the perfect policy.

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