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Personal lines insurance is a category of insurance that protects individuals. Purchasing the correct amount of insurance is the most important step in protecting yourself, your family and your assets. At Consolidated Insurance Markets, our agents are dedicated to helping families find peace of mind by knowing they’re covered in case of disaster. Life can throw a lot of unexpected accidents your way. While you may not be able to avoid them, you can ensure that you have the means to recover.

Personal Lines Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

– What are the types of personal insurance?

Personal lines insurance refers to any insurance policy that covers an individual rather than a company. This includes life insurance and health insurance. Other types of personal insurance include:


– What are casualty lines of insurance?

Casualty insurance refers to several property and liability coverages, including homeowners general liability.


– How much is personal lines insurance?

The cost of personal lines insurance depends on specific coverages and other factors. You may pay an average of $1,945 a year for homeowners insurance in Texas. Auto insurance costs an average of $934.22 a year in Texas. Fill out an online quote form to discover how much personal lines insurance will cost for you.


– What does personal lines insurance cover?

Personal lines insurance covers casualty insurance and personal insurance. This includes liability insurance in the event you cause bodily injury or property damage, lawsuits and property coverage for your home, vehicle and belongings. Umbrella insurance is additional liability for when your other liability policies reach their maximum.


– Why is personal lines insurance important?

Everyone should invest in personal lines insurance, as it protects you against disasters, accidents and lawsuits. Fixing damage due to floods, tornadoes or vehicle accidents can be incredibly expensive. Not everyone has enough money to repair or replace items out of pocket, and you don’t want to go into debt because of one event.

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