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October 29, 2020

Easy Ways to Avoid Workers Compensation Claims

Accidents happen. People trip, fumble, drop things and are injured even in the safest of spaces. While you can’t predict every injury that could occur at your business, there are some easy ways to make your workplace safer for employees.a man standing in front of a building 

1. Invest in Proper Training 

Training is crucial in physical jobs. If your employees are going to do any sort of physical labor, from moving boxes in a warehouse to serving food in a restaurant, they need to be trained on the proper safety procedures. Make sure employees know how to properly and safely lift heavy boxes or carry heavy trays. If they operate machinery, make sure they ace their training before they are allowed to operate it on their own. If your employees work with animals, especially dogs or wildlife, make sure they are trained to identify signs of aggression and know how to escape animal fights and attacks. 

All specialized industries may require their own personalized training. 

2. Emphasize Cleanliness 

Workplaces can get dirty on accident. Spills happen, especially in places like restaurants and office breakrooms. Make sure that any spills are cleaned up immediately and cautionary signs are used frequently. This is important for employees as well as any guests you may have. 

3. Maintain the Property 

Keeping up proper maintenance on the business location is crucial to keeping everyone safe. Be sure to fill in cracked cement on sidewalks, maintain sewer systems and pipes, invest in security updates and more to keep everyone inside as safe as possible. Adding certain security updates can even save you money on your <commercial property insurance.> 

4. Create a Safety Program 

Along with providing quality training for the job, employees should also know what to do in case of an accident, injury or other emergency. Have a safety program set in place so that employees know what to do when a coworker is injured. This can include knowing where the first aid kit is and how to use it, as well as CPR. If your employees work with hot plates, such as in a restaurant, make sure they know the proper carrying techniques and how to treat an immediate burn before they are able to seek professional medical attention. 

While you can’t prevent all accidents, you can do your best to protect your employees and make sure they look out for each other. 

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