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April 19, 2019

Coverage After a Driver Is In An Alcohol-Related Accident

Swerving Across Center Lines

Your drivers are a representation of your company. Many companies find it difficult to locate experienced drivers, though.

In some cases, you may hire someone that puts your company at risk. If this happens, you should have protection.

Your commercial auto insurance policy covers your business. It helps protect you from the actions of your drivers. Here are a few things you should know.

When A Driver Drinks And Drives

Even if you take all the steps necessary to vet your driver, they may still make a mistake. In some cases, poor judgment leads to simple mistakes. For example, they may check their phone and wind up in a ditch. More serious claims, though, such as drinking and driving, can put your company at a high risk, too.

If that driver skids into another car, causing damage or even death to those within it, your company might have a certain responsibility in the loss. This may include covering the damage to the property and all of the associated medical bills. This can quickly mount to thousands of dollars.

Will Insurance Help You?

Most commercial auto insurance policies exist for instances such as these. They can help to cover your driver’s mistakes. This may include covering the losses the driver causes to other people — including their property and medical costs. It is common for a case like these to wind up in court. You may face a lawsuit as a result of the claim.

In these situations, your commercial auto insurance remains present to help the business. It helps to pay for any claims the other party makes that are determined to be valid. It also can pay for legal representation for your company in a lawsuit. If possible, most insurers will work to settle the case out of court to minimize your losses. But if the case does go to court, your coverage can also work to pay any fines or settlements that result.

After a wreck, your commercial auto insurance policy may no longer cover the offending driver. That driver may also face the loss of their license, as well as other legal action. In some cases, your company can have some level of responsibility if you did not do enough to ensure the driver was driving safely. Such claims are complex and difficult. Work with your insurance company along with your attorney to protect your company in these situations.

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